Future Positive
Stereo, 2022
Strategy, Branding & Art Direction

Future Positive is a long-term sustainability programme by lifestyle brand Smiley. Making change is essential for a better tomorrow, and for Smiley it’s about striking a balance between responsibility and encouraging partners to make more sustainable products for consumers and the planet alike. Strategically we had to make Smiley’s unbridled optimism work for a more serious conversation before launching the movement and brand.

The grounded strategy inspired our creative concept of ‘do more with less’. For design, we created a device made of the off-cut material that surrounds the Smiley logo; this device also frames areas of importance and highlights positive change. The stripped back tone of voice added to a minimalist and principled feel — with a focus on action. All of these elements come together to further build on Smiley’s refined ‘Grounded Optimism’ positioning.

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